Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is delivery?
Delivery fees start at $2.99 for online orders per restaurant/food establishment.
 (additional fees will be added for out-of-zone based on restaurant delivery locations).

2. Is there a minimum order amount?
The order must meet a minimum of $10 to $15 depending on the food establishment to be considered for delivery.


3. What about tips?
Our drivers use their own vehicles and gas. They work hard to assure that your meal is delivered to you promptly and professionally. As with all food service wait staff, they rely on tips as their major source of income. Unlike restaurant wait staff, our drivers do not serve multiple tables. They dedicate themselves exclusively to your order. The entire delivery process for our drivers from start to finish can take up to one hour if the restaurant is not swamped with orders.
We retain the same Mobile Waiters. Since the drivers are contracted they can refuse any order. We will cancel your order if we can't find a driver to take it. If enough drivers refuse to go to a particular customer because they do not tip, we reserve the right to place that customer's account in an Auto Tip mode. This means a 15% tip will be assessed and charged automatically on those accounts.  Again, drivers are just like waiters in a restaurant; they work for tips. Our drivers are not paid an hourly wage their only compensation is a small fee for each order they deliver. Drivers must maintain their own vehicles and pay for their own fuel. Mobile waiters unlike traditional waiters do not have multiple tables.  They take one delivery at a time to ensure your food arrives hot and as quick as possible. SO, please we ask, be kind to your delivery driver.

4. When should I order?
Orders should be placed 1 hour before desired delivery time. Delivery times average between 30 and 60 minutes, but vary based on weather, traffic and kitchen cook times.

5. Can I place an order for a future time?
YES! We recommend placing an advanced order to help ensure your desired delivery time. Advanced orders can be placed online up to 5 days before desired delivery time. Under delivery time in the order window, click on the highlighted HERE button. This will allow you to choose a day and time for your delivery

6. How many food establishments can I order from at one time?
You may order from as many restaurants as you wish, however a separate delivery fee will be added for each restaurant. Please keep in mind that orders from more than one food establishment may arrive at different times from separate drivers.

7. What are your hours?
Monday through Sunday 8:00am to 11:00pm 

8. Will my food arrive fresh?
Absolutely! We submit your order to the food establishment based on driver availability. Your order is placed in a specialized catering bag to keep your food fresh.

9. How do I pay?
Your credit or debit card will be processed on our secure site at the time of your order. We accept most major credit cards and cash.

10. Can I use restaurant coupons?
We're sorry, but no. Our participating restaurants still want to serve you in person on your nights out. So save those coupons for a full service, in house meal. However, follow us on Facebook to see what specials and coupons we offer.

11. What do you do with my information you collect from me?
Your privacy is our primary priority and we will never share your information with any outside person or entity. We only store needed personal information for your order completion and direct contact in our secure and private database. So, remember your password.

12. What else do I need to know?
Restaurant menus and prices are subject to change. Orders cannot be cancelled once placed. Call us immediately if there is a problem with your order. We reserve the right to refuse service at our discretion.

13. What if I don't see my favorite restaurant?
Tell the owner/manager that you would like their food delivered by ClickDeliv. Tell ClickDeliv and we will see about getting your favorite restaurant added! We now offer an On-Demand service where you pay a small fee and delivery and we will deliver from any local restaurant we do not have listed. e.g. Chilis, Chick-fil-A and Fazolis.

14. What if I'm not satisfied with the service or meals?
Note: All sales are final. However, we make every effort to make sure you are satisfied with our service and your meal.
We require all participating food establishments to package your meals according to your order. Your ClickDeliv driver will not open packaging to verify accuracy or preparation of your meal. All our drivers are fully screened and fully insured. Please contact ClickDeliv with any concerns. Customers are our priority

15. I live in the county will you deliver to me?
We have a 15 mile radius from each of our restaurants in Somerset. If you live more than 10 miles from the food establishment you want to order from there will be a $.50 per mile charge added on to the fee of $6.49. If you are unsure if you are within range please feel free to type your address in to see if delivery is available to your location. If not, please contact us.

16. Can we use multiple cards to pay for one order?
Yes, you can pay for your order using up to three different payment methods.


17. Are you aware that your menu is missing some items from food establishments? 
We are aware that not all items from a food establishment are listed. If you would like us to add another item to our menu, please send your request to customercare@clickdeliv.com or message us on Facebook.

18. Do you plan on adding more food establishments in the future?
Yes, we do! If you have an establishment that you would like us to add; Please send your request to customercare@clickdeliv.com or message us on Facebook.

ClickDeliv would like to share with you how pricing for food delivery is figured:

Menu item: the actual food you are ordering

Service fee: a fee charged by delivery companies for providing the service -ClickDeliv uses this to pay for operating expenses to make the service available to customers

Taxes: sales tax on your order based on applicable local tax laws

Delivery fee: the price for having the food delivered- this fee is used to pay for the cost of gas to deliver to customers -the fee is based on distance

Gratuity: this is the tip for the delivery driver- this is what the Independent contracted driver enjoys receiving for a well-done job, the income they make for delivering

ClickDeliv LLC cares about the customer and is trying to keep costs at a minimum so all can enjoy this available well-deserved service. We are unlike competitors who have numerous hidden charges 


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Lunch Hours

Mon thru Fri11:00am - 3:00pm
Sat and Sun12:00pm - 3:00pm

Dinner Hours

Mon thru Fri3:00pm - 11:00pm
Sat and Sun3:00pm - 11:00pm


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